Monday, October 20, 2008

Rock Band: II and GH: World Tour

As if our lives hadn't already become consumed by the phenomenon of Rock Band. Since last February, many of our weekends have been spent trying to blow out the windows courtesy of our Playstation 3, Rock Band, our stereo, and a few very large speakers.

With the release of Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour and their cross-compatible instruments, our windows, our neighbors, our eardrums, and our poor pets are in for a world of hurt.

Unfortunately, with my wife's delicate condition of late, we've lost our lead (and easily most talented) drummer. At least she can still play the fake guitar.

With Rock Band releasing full albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magic (Red Hot Chili Peppers), an entire Stevie Ray Vaughn album, and an entire greatest hits live album by AC/DC - I'm not sure if there is enough time, talent, or money available to satiate our lust for this game. I'm pretty sure there isn't enough.


revolution said...

I had no intention of buying Rock Band 2 today, but somehow the game ended up in my hands regardless.

revolution said...

Having now played both RB2 and GHWT, here is my comparison review:

Rock Band 2 kicks the crap out of Guitar Hero World Tour. Guitar Hero is cartoony and much too easy - and not very musically inclined in the academic sense.

The only plus about GHWT is that, when playing the drums, I can hit extra drums without being penalized. I like that as it allows me to bang away like Animal from the Muppets!

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