Tuesday, June 30, 2009

But this one disturbs me most......

In Gary Lamb's recent post about his downfall/recovery, there was only one sentence that I found disturbing and upsetting:

I believe with everything that is in me that God is not through with me in a full-time ministry role but I do believe He has me on the sidelines right now to get some things right in my life.

I just don't get it.

There are plenty of men out there who are faithful to their wives. Let's say that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Let's also hypothesize that 20% of those 50% that stay married cheat on their wives, but still stay married. That would leave us with 30% of men who are able to stay married and faithful. Let's further hypothesize that that 30% is just too generous of a number - let's say, that realistically, only 20% of men could be trusted to remain faithful to their wives.

Now. Shouldn't that 20% be expected to be our leadership? Why are we relying on the other 80% at all?

Of course, naysayers will throw out central themes of the Bible like Fall and Redemption as an excuse for reinstating someone like Gary. But the Bible also has plenty of stories about God calling out those few who show true signs of inward character, rather than those outward signs of exuberance or talent.

I just don't get it.

Is there no such thing as disqualification? Does character matter? Are we that desperate for someone who has talent?

I sometimes wonder how many "true leaders" / aka shepards are being hidden in some of our churches. Or if they are even in church at all?

How often are we trading image and talent for character and obedience?

I've got nothing against Gary for what he's done. I still think he is quite an entertaining character. I agree with Perry Noble, who stated that each of us are only a few missteps from a similar fate.

But I believe that Gary needs to get a real jobby job, like the rest of us. And forget about being a shepard.

He needs to go to church and just enjoy it, like the rest of us.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Response to Gary Lamb's downfall

Here are a couple quick excerpts from Gary Lamb's site concerning his downfall:

  • I’ve received over 3,000 emails and I haven’t responded to any of them due to the fact that I need to process some things and take some time to get my head clear. As many e-mails as I have gotten, there seems to be basically the same questions asked over and over.

  • I have received over 30 emails from pastors (all anonymous) confessing to be involved currently in sexual affairs.

Well. That is encouraging.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It builds character.....

I like it when my A/C technician tells us that our 13 yr old central air system is on its last leg in the middle of a record breaking heat wave and that it needs to be replaced.... it builds character.

I like it when I have a non-decorative waterfall in the living room due to a roof leak.... it builds character.

I like it when my home is financially underwater..... it builds character.

I like it when business is so bad that all of my bosses leave and I get all new ones.... it builds character.

I like it when the home equity line is frozen because of the economic climate, despite our personal history..... it builds character.

I like it when the credit card company drops the limit to the balance and/or arbitrarily raises the interest rate with no cause..... it builds character.

I like it when the new credit application is denied because of the actions of the other creditors rather than my own.... it builds character.

I like it when the city tells me that I need to replace the crooked sidewalk in front of my house.... it builds character.

I like it when I have to apply for a permit requesting permission (despite the fact that they ordered me to do it)..... it builds character.

I like it when the city also asks me to remove a 40' tree that caused the crooked sidewalk..... it builds character. (don't forget about the permit for that one too)

I like it when the health insurance company tells me to wait until after my son is born to discuss his coverage, then deny said coverage because I went to a non-participating hospital..... it builds character.

I've built a lot of character since January of 2008, hope it does me some good in the future.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trials and Tribulations might be a good thing......

My wife and I met exactly 16 years ago. We've practically grown up together. We've gone through a couple life stages together. We've grown closer and closer over the years together. Our relationship is now stronger and better than ever.

Interestingly, it seems that when circumstances are the roughest - that's when our relationship thrives and flourishes.

I get annoyed by those husbands who constantly refer to their "hot" wives - always commenting on how "lucky" they are to be with such a multi-faceted women who is so obviously "out of their league". Sometimes I wonder who they are trying to convince - the world, or themselves.

Of course, this is exactly how I feel about my wife, but I don't feel the need to broadcast it to the world on a regular basis - to the point of annoyance of others. I just broadcast it to her personally on a daily basis because she never gets tired of it.

There's no real purpose to this post. I'm just feeling lucky, or rather, blessed. Hopefully our relationship is strong enough and God will see fit to make the next 16 years a little easier on us.

Either way, I am thankful.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pastoral Failure #1,673: Gary Lamb

My mom told me recently of her recent church experience. A few weeks ago, she went to church only to have the two elders of the church get up and read a letter stating that the Senior Pastor of ten years had been removed for indiscretions unbecoming of a pastor.

I think I've become jaded. In fact, I'm sure I've become jaded. In the back of my mind, I've come to expect this of pastors. It has no bearing on them personally, it is just a fact of life. People fail, men especially. Men with egos even more so. Men held up on a pedestal even more so. So I leave that possibility open in my mind, so that, when it happens, it doesn't shake my faith in Jesus, just my faith in men.

My two favorite preachers to listen to, unarguably (Sorry, Dave.) would have to be Mark Driscoll and Gary Lamb. As Driscoll has gotten more and more popular - a world traveller of late - and more successful, I've left that place in my mind open to the possibility of his failure. "When Mark Driscoll falls, I won't be shocked or hurt by it, I'll simply move on, " I tell myself.

So with my eye on Driscoll, it came out of left field for me to read on Gary Lamb's blog this week of his relational/sexual failure which has removed him from his ministry.

Oh well. I'll move on. Of course, I'll pray for those involved, but as I said - I'm jaded.

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