Thursday, December 4, 2008

Names for my son

We've got a few months to give our son a name. What a weird concept - giving someone their name. It just doesn't feel right. It seems that the child should have a name, not be given it. I'm not sure what to do. I'm hoping God will just tell us in a dream, or something, what our son's name is.

Names we've come up with, so far, for our son:


We like names that start with G's and L's. We like names that don't fall into the pop culture of names - this goes for just about every overused Biblical name. You know, the Johns, Matthews, and Marks.


Greg Loselle said...

Funny, I like names that begin with G's and L's, too!

chad said...

Leopold or Grantham...really?
Why not Douche McDoucheBag?
OH SNAP, unborn son burn!

ben said...

Name him Ben. It's awesome. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If this were a poll, I'd be voting twice for Graham and once for Wyatt.

Anonymous said...

How about Lawton? No, it is not my name, but what we almost named our son. Until we wnt with one of those not so overly used Biblical names, Jonah.

Greg Loselle said...

Second thoughts:

As a teacher, I see a lot of interesting names. Avoid what the parents I met recently did to their male triplets--Dustyn, Austyn, and Westyn--because the 'y' is affected and matching names are too, too cute.

Also, good thing he's not a girl: it seems to be a law here that every 5th female child must be now be named Madison.

Jason said...

I have two L's... Logan and Lincoln

Ryan M. Powell said...

My brother's name is Roman.

Anonymous said...

So, did you decide?

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