Monday, September 7, 2009

Maybe in my next life......

Maybe in my next life, I can get it right. I think my ideal situation would be as follows:

I am a high school Geography/English/Composition teacher. Maybe I also run the school paper or coach cross country.

And I'm able to start and lead a small house church on the weekends.

Oh well.

Maybe next time.

Right after I convert to an Eastern Religion which believes in reincarnation.


hotdogjones said...

Dood, if that is seriously your dream, you can make that happen in this life. You aren't talking about becoming an NBA superstar or brain surgeon. If you want to be a high school teacher you can make that happen in a couple years. Good teachers are hard to come by, you need to do it.

Greg Loselle said...

I agree. Good teachers aren't brain surgeons. ;)

Seriously: you have any help I can give.


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