Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parenthood - Part 1

When my wife and I turned 30, we decided that the time for parenthood was "now or never." Having been together for 12 years, we figured it was about high time that we added kids into the mix. We tried to get pregnant for almost 4 years. When we finally got pregnant, it was a short-lived excitement, as we lost him/her. We then immediately got pregnant again. Again, the excitement was short-lived as it turned out to be twins and one of them was lost in complications that almost took my wife's life. My son was truly a miracle baby. My wife lost a lot of blood, was hopped up on Morphine - a medical necessity, as she describes the pain as being worse than childbirth itself, and the surgery to save her were all factors that were supposed to bring the chances of survival for my son down to a sliver of hope.

We waited on pins and needles as each week passed and hope grew. When my son was finally born, the last thing we expected was that God would immediately give us another child. (We had forgotten that we had already spent 4 years praying for a child, and God was about to answer those prayers twofold). My wife became pregnant with our daughter almost immediately after the birth of our son. I'll admit that I was in shock for at least a couple of months.

One child is an earth shattering life change. But still, its not so bad. Its like he's our little sidekick that goes along wherever we go.

But the news of a second child changed everything. We started to seriously reevaluate everything about our life.

To be continued.......


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