Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Groups don't work?

saw this quote somewhere today:

"Small groups are things that trick us into believing we’re serious about making disciples. The problem is 90 percent of small groups never produce one single disciple. Ever. They help Christians make shallow friendships, for sure. They’re great at helping Christians feel a tenuous connection to their local church, and they do a bang-up job of teaching Christians how to act like other Christians in the Evangelical Christian subculture. But when it comes to creating the kind of holistic disciples Jesus envisioned, the jury’s decision came back a long time ago—small groups just aren’t working.”


Anonymous said...

ey brother. im sure this issue is common amoung many small groups. maybe this is where when you see an issue, you need to step in and use the foresight and truths Gods given you and help create this environment where holistic disciples are made.
our growth group has seen new members find the truth and strengthened the faith of others.

Having other people; all focussed on God, in an intimate basis, within your sub-culture, to journey with you, that relate with your walk; yet are diverse to allow for new insight in to the bible and in times of darkness can be a light.
be blessed

Baby Steps said...

I too can see the perspective of this writer. It certainly should be something that small group leaders and members should be aware of. My experience is exactly like the one above. I have seen great faith built, cars lent to the unemployed, food given to the needy, loads of prayers answered, lives changed. Have I seen what the writer describes? Yes, and frankly when faced with authentic Jesus followers who are determined to be Spirit-led and word-driven (in spite of their shared humanity and failings) they either begin to embrace Jesus in a new way or leave. Small groups, as the early church Christians have demonstrated, work.

Thanks for bringing up the topic.

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