Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Christian Culture Survival Guide

I thought this book was going to be one of those small, short funny parody books. It was not funny. Rather, I should clarify that this book should have been funny, but it was so filled with truths about the "christian culture" that it was more sad and depressing than humorous. It was a quick easy read.

"The Christian Culture Survival Guide" was written by Matthew Turner, noticeably his first book, as he makes some freshman writing errors, coming off more as a stand-up comedian rather than an author. That is not a criticism, but just a simple observation. His writing style was not a hindrance, it just wasn't quite what I expected.

My favorite part of the book:

"If you have not received Jesus as your Savior, please turn to page 24. Ah, just kidding. This isn't one of those books."

That is the type of humor you can expect throughout the read.

I am a fan of Relevant Magazine (their podcast has me doubled over in laughter every single week), and I try to support their publishing efforts. Their books are generally inexpensive, so I'm usually game for whatever they have to offer.

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cato's joy and pain said... post.That is a book that I will have to add to the list. By the way thanks for the comment on my last post. Once I get some time I will try to read some more of yours. Later Bro

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