Friday, June 29, 2007

Bible Translations

Last month, while in Michigan, I scored a loose-leaf Bible from my Dad. He said that he wasn't using it anymore. It was a New American Standard Translation. I thought it would be OK, because I've referenced the NASB more than a handful of times during my studies. I wanted this loose-leaf Bible to be my new "main study Bible". Like my father, I have a number of Bibles of varying translations and formats that each serve different purposes. I also rely heavily on the internet for cross-referencing translations, commentaries, etc. I wanted a loose-leaf Bible so that I could more easily combine studying the "old fashioned way" with studying via the computer. I.E. I could print out my study notes and simply insert them into the three ring binder.

Alas, I couldn't stand the NASB. I think the copyright was 1971. Apparently, they were still in love with the King James Version along with its many outdated "thees" and "thous" and "whatnot's."

When my father passed, I raided his Bible/book collection. (I'll actually probably take his entire library consisting of a couple hundred books as well as three complete commentary sets, the next time I drive to Michigan.) I was surprised to find a couple different Bibles that were New Living Translation (my favorite and the easiest to understand). I hit the jackpot with the Note maker's Bible - New Living Translation. Extra wide margins all around the scripture. I am really enjoying it. It should hold me over until I can find a New Living Translation Loose leaf Bible, because I am done with the NASB Loose-leaf.


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