Sunday, July 1, 2007

To the people formerly known as....

This is a collection of posts that I ran across recently. They are in the order they were given:

The People formerly known as the Congregation

The Penguins formerly known as Waddle

The People formerly known as "The Pastor"

The Girl formerly known as a "normal christian"

While not agreeing with any of them completely, I would be remiss if I did not admit that each of them definitely strike a chord within me. This is the genesis of a revolution after all.

1 Comment:

revolutionareze said...

What a melting pot of the idea of churches moving to the idea of community rather than organized gatherings with rules. What can we say than there is a revolution that is happening among God's people.

And also I have to say WOW to the pastors article with how much stuff just pops out at you as you read when you have dealt with church leadership . Man do we have a lot of things to learn when trying to deal with people who are involved with churches these days and how to connect with these people when speaking of God.

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