Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pastoral Response

Here are two pastoral responses to the church field trip reports of late: con leche y tostada. (Pastor Dan at Relevant Church) said...
Hey thanks for writing this blog. It's awesome to see some feedback after a service. I appreciate the comment on "just throwing in the gospel". This will help me in making sure the gospel is presented. Believe me my heart is in evangelism and nothing excites me more than see people give their hearts to Christ. I am praying for you guys as you continue in your journey. I will tell you it is tough, but it is worth every moment. God bless you guys. we will keep improving I promise!!!!

FRC Sawgrass Campus (Pastor Matt at Flamingo Road Sawgrass) said...
thanks for blogging about my church and for checking out my blog. I'm going to pass your blog on to some of the other pastors. thanks for the honest feedback!


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