Friday, May 2, 2008

Deal Alert: Scruby's BBQ

Places that claim to have the best ribs and places that claim to have the best wings abound everywhere. For baby back ribs, we've got two favorites - Damon's (which is 15 miles away) and Scruby's (much closer). For the past couple years we've been dropping $32 every few months on a couple full racks of ribs at Scrubys.

Last Sunday, I noticed a coupon in the back of the Local Section of the Sun Sentinel (the coupon is actually there every week: $9.99 for a full rack of baby back ribs, plus choice of potato, plus coleslaw, plus the best BBQ baked beans ever, plus two big onion rings, plus one piece of garlic toast. Smokes! That is a killer deal. All that grub for 20 bucks? We'll be hitting that place more than once every few months from now on.


fred said...

Melissa and I have cashed in on that deal a couple of times. They are some of the best ribs!!! In fact, we went there for staff lunch on Tuesday. Didn't get the ribs though:(

Bobby said...

I use the coupon on the steaks as well-great deal and great steaks. The coupons are in the Community News section of the Sun-sentinel on Friday and Sunday every week. Best deal going on great food.

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