Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Mom: a mother's day post

I'd say that my mom is a role model for me, but that wouldn't be terribly accurate. I find that I don't need to "model" myself after my mother at all, we're too much alike for me to even bother.

What aspects of my personality come from my mother, you may ask?

  • Quiet introspection.

  • Flippancy. No stress. Everything rolls off our backs like water on a duck.

  • A mellow, content attitude for just about everything.

  • A willingness to talk openly about just about anything (even sex - that one really bugs my wife.)

  • Slow, cautious, defensive driving.

  • Frugality.

  • The ability to utilize/eat 100% of the leftovers in the refrigerator (or freezer).

  • A healthy appreciation for The Andy Griffith Show, Yentl, and a slew of "black and white" television shows and movies.

  • The "shock" of gray hair that's presently coming in at the front of my head (my mom had one in the same spot.)


Anonymous said...

Hi, "Revolution", I'm Ryan's Mom (Aimless). Thank you for being so supportive of Ryan. He ticks off a lot of people in his blog but you're always there supporting him. I thought putting a comment on your Mother's Day entry would be appropriate. You and your Mom are a lot alike. Ryan and I are not at all alike, except our physical appearance. Looks like you are "a bit" taller than your Mom! Thank you for being Ryan's friend. I pray that some day his travels will help him find what makes him happy. Thanks again.--Claudia

vwlaura120 said...

I was MIA for a while and just popped in to say hi. What a sweet post man! My dad and I watch Andy Griffith too. Gotta love Nick at Night!

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