Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Shining

I saw The Shining when I was much too young and it cost me years of sound sleep. To this day, I still have some latent issues associated with that movie. To be sure, it is a horror masterpiece and Stanley Kubrick was one sick individual - as can also be seen by 2001, Eyes Wide Shut, and Clockwork Orange. But there was something about The Shining and the young age at which I was first exposed to it which had a lasting effect.

I thought I was alone until I was listening to This American Life recently. This is an NPR weekly radio show that I've listened to for the past 14 years. Here is the six minute clip of the show about people who are afraid to fall asleep:


Ben said...

To be sure, Mr. Kubrick had a few issues. Sometimes I wonder if what everyone else called genious wasn't just certifiable insanity.

I didn't see The Shining until I was in college, many years after it was made, and it was disturbing then. I can't imagine seeing it as a 6 year old boy.

This is a great interview from NPR. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

how many kids are tormented by our modern day sense of entertainment?

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