Saturday, August 16, 2008

UFC Cage Match in Church? Not Quite.....

We arrived at the worship service at our church tonight to find that they had installed a full-size UFC style Octagon Cage in the middle of the auditorium, with the seats situated around it rather than facing the stage.

It made for quite a spectacle and a pretty powerful worship experience as well. In the eight years, we've been going to this church, This is probably the most impressed I've been upon entering the auditorium - that is saying a lot considering how far they've gone in the past to create an inspiring atmosphere.

The cage will remain in the auditorium for the next four weeks, as they continue their series - The Cage. Today's topic was "The People You Find In Your Entourage". The band performed their set from within the cage at full volume - I'm pretty sure they had it turned up to 11 and I was loving every minute of it, the louder the better. And then the pastor was led to the cage by his entourage of dancers, an announcer and obligatory posse of thugs.

Here is my guerrilla video / via mobile phone in all of its grainy wonder:


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