Thursday, November 13, 2008

McDonald's Sales rise 8.2% in October as more people switch to eating crap.

Times are tough, sure. But who are these people? I can't remember the last time I ate at McDonalds. And don't give me the line that goes - "Well, you don't have kids. Just wait until you have kids and then your tune will change". Uh, no. My kids won't even know that McDonalds exists. And the person that teaches them of its existence will die a slow death.

Now, Taco Bell, that's a different story.

How have your buying habits changed these last couple months? Cancelled anything? Changed allegiances? Downsized?


Jason said...

Our driving habits changed. I do a lot more picking up things on my way home after work. My wife use to drive the 7 miles to the store. We cancelled our monthly delivery of coffee from Gevalia. I love their coffee over the stuff you buy at the store, but just can't fit it into the budget anymore. I still buy good micro beer but willing to drink Miller High Life to watch football on Sunday.

Albert said...

I have not changed allegiances but I have to tell you that my life has not really changed for the better since the election. I thought everything was going to change and get better.

Greg Loselle said...

But everything DID change with the election--we're now living in a country whose moral leadership is swerving back on track! Put a price on that!

And Taco Bell! There is nothing better!

Albert said...

Greg, that's the funniest thing I have ever heard.

Jason said...

I failed to mention my wife just got hired at Micky D's. She says they are almost alway busy the shifts she works. I do like their breakfast stuff over most other fast food places.

I have eatten at there because the kids wanted to. It is them silly toys from the happy meals that they want.

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