Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Death Penalty

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments this week about whether or not the death penalty can be imposed for child rape, taking up for the first time in 30 years whether a crime other than murder can be punished by execution.

While reading through Exodus and Leviticus, I was taken aback by how many offenses where deserving of the death penalty, according to God.

Here are some actions listed in the Mosaic Law that carry the death penalty:

  • hitting your mom or dad

  • kidnapping

  • dishonoring your parents

  • an owner knowingly keeping a dangerous animal that kills a person (hello, pit bull owners)

  • bestiality

  • sacrificing children

  • both parties who commit adultery (nowadays, this would mean a lot of dead people)

  • incest

  • mediums, sorcerers, and practicers of the occult

  • blaspheming the Name of God

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Margie said...

that was pretty interesting...

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