Monday, April 14, 2008

Its Hockeytime in Hockeytown

I am a native of Hockeytown. Detroit may have a good basketball team. They may also have a great baseball team. But the Detroit Red Wings are dominant. This whole season, they have been whomping on the other teams, so it should be a pleasure to see them burn through the playoff series to another Stanley Cup. As a matter of fact, we're so used to seeing the Red Wings in the playoffs, that we usually don't even bother to watch the regular season games. (With the exception of the Detroit - Colorado series.)

My wife and I are not big sports buffs. Golf - boring. Baseball - boring. Basketball - meh. College football - I like to hear the marching bands in the background, but that's about it. Nascar - decent if you can actually stay awake for the entire race.

In the fall, we're pretty hyped to watch and root for the Miami Dolphins, but our enthusiasm usually fades as it becomes apparent that the Dolphins just never seem to make it happen.

The only other time of year that we turn our attention to sports is in late April and May - when the Red Wings enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Its only too bad that we live in South Florida and therefore, don't have any friends who truly appreciate hockey.

Red Wings Facts:

  • They are one of the original six teams in the NHL.

  • They have the most championships in the NHL.

  • They have been in the playoffs 23 of the last 25 seasons.

  • They are the most dominant team in all of professional sports.

  • Fans throw octopi onto the ice during playoff games.

  • Steve Yzerman was the team captain for 20 years (1986-2006). Wow.


david rudd said...

absolutely beautiful video.

the only thing better than watching Probert again was watching Mac do what needed to be done with Mrs. Lemieux (or however you spell the loser's name).

Go Wings!

Anonymous said...

DUDE!!!! Hockey is the ONLY sport i like and that i can actually drop knowledge on!

If you want to go a game, sometime lets do it!

just throwing it out there, even though the wings have history, its all about the Coloardo!


revolution said...

Alas, Jimmy.

Your love for Colorado makes us mortal enemies.

Nonetheless, I hope our two teams meet in the playoffs so that the Redwings can stomp the Avalanche into oblivion.

ShaneBertou said...

I don't get how you can call them the most dominant team in professional sports. While they have won an impressive 10 (going on 11) Stanley Cups, the Canadiens have won more than twice that many.

And the Yankees have won nearly a quarter of all the World Series.

revolution said...

I hope you are not serious, Shane.

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