Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Shepherd???? What happened to 'Jesus'?

Did anyone catch American Idol Gives Back last night? (I know, this will cost me a man-card.)

Did anyone catch the finale which involved all of the Idol contestants singing the much over-played "Shout to the Lord". (Well, its overplayed if you've been to church at all in the past decade.)

Did anyone catch what was missing from the song?

They sang:

"My shepherd"

It should have been:

"My Jesus"

Now you all know me well enough to know why I have a problem with that, right?


darkness said...

I thought it sounded funny but I was a little tired and could not figure it out. I was just suprised that they would even step that close to a christian song.

You have to give them credit for at least going that close.

ShaneBertou said...

You'll be relieved to know that the download version of the song contains the name "Jesus."

revolution said...


Given that your wife is out of town, I'll let it slide that you're watching American Idol, because you're in a depressed and bewildered state.

But considering that you have every channel known to man, I'm going to have to put a qualification on that.

If any of the following programs were being aired last night concurently with Idol, then you lose a man-card:

Godfather I or II
any instance of UFC
Quantum Leap

darkness said...

Well lets first start out that the entire program guide was out last night so I had no other choice. And second is that UFC does not interest me, I have seen the Godfather movies enough times, no desire to watch Commando, I plan to watch Departed at some point, and I think that your gay if you even want to watch Quantum Leap.

I also have to note that it was even a suprise to see this post on your blog. This show doesn't seem as if it would grace the TV screen at your home.

revolution said...

Its fallout from the writer's strike. The only shows we really watch on t.v. are: Lost, 30 Rock, and Survivor. Last night, we just happened to be eating dinner late.

There is no such thing as having seen the Godfather movies "enough" times (just ask my wife, even she knows that).

When Commando is on, you have to watch it.

You should be shot for not having watched Departed yet, as I strongly advised you to watch it at least a year ago.

Quantum Leap is a classic, right up there with Star Trek Next Generation. It just so happens that reruns of Quantum Leap are playing right now Mon-Fri at 9 pm.

Somebody back me up on this.....

ShaneBertou said...

Yeah, so they just did it again to kickoff tonight's show. And this time they sang it with the Jesus line.

So weird. Why do it twice? Why do it the "right" way tonight.

fred said...

They did it live on tonight's (Thursday) show will be pleased (again) to know that they used "Jesus." I wonder why they changed it? Could it be your blog??? Is Simon reading it?

Seriously, I am surprised they would use such an overtly Christian song (either version)...interesting...

Albert said...

What's American Idol?

revolution said...

Albert - deceitfully trying to keep his man-card. Nice try.

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