Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alcohol 101 - Part 2 - Wine

Ah wine, the Biblical choice for the casual drinker. Too bad I don't actually like wine. I've tried it again and again, but I just can't seem to develop a palate for it. The only wine I've ever had that I almost enjoyed was a fruit wine - Thomasello.

Wine may be the "Biblical choice", but it usually has a higher alcohol content than beer and therein lies the caution. A typical serving of wine is usually almost half that of beer - a 12-16 oz. glass of beer to a 6 or 8 oz. glass of wine. This is because of that higher alcohol content. Contrary to popular conception, public establishments are not supposed to be in the business of getting people drunk. If they do, they can actually be held liable for their contribution.

Also, one should consider the popular notion that once a bottle of wine has been opened, it should also be finished, lest it spoil. My wife, who usually drinks white zinfandel, does not prescribe to this notion. She'll easily let a bottle sit, once opened, for months. Still, this notion can often be used as an excuse to "finish the bottle".

The celebration of Passover is always an interesting step out of my comfort zone, as it calls for the consumption of four glasses of wine. That's right, Baptists, let me repeat that. We celebrate the Messianic Passover each spring with four glasses of wine. I haven't seen anyone get drunk, so calm down. Now, of course, I pour small glasses for myself because I don't like wine.

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Mayoliv said...

I agree with you on the Wine. I can't seem to really have a passion for wine no matter what I taste. I understand the taste diffrences between a good and a bad wine but just can't get myself to enjoy it.

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