Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Favorite Preachers

I spend all day listening to mp3s. I listen to music, talk shows, audio books, conference speakers, and preachers. At first, I tried to limit the number of sermons I'd listen to in a given day, because I was under the delusion that fewer sermons equaled more time for meditation on those sermons. I've since given up on that concept, and I listen to whatever I darn well please on any given day.

(in no particular order)

Mark Driscoll - Mars Hill Church, Seattle, WA

Tony Evans - Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX

Rick McKinley - Imago Dei, Portland, OR

Erwin McManus - Mosaic, Chino, CA

Matt Chandler - The Village Church, Dallas, TX

Craig Groschel - Lifechurch.tv, Oklahoma City, OK

Dave Hughes - Church by the Glades, Coral Springs, FL

Greg Laurie - Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, CA

James Macdonald - Harvest Bible Chapel, Wheaton, IL

John Macarthur - Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

Darrin Patrick - The Journey, St. Louis, MS

Michael Lukaszewski - Oak Leaf Church, Cartersville, GA

Gary Lamb - Revolution Church, Canton, GA

1 Comment:

revolution said...

I changed my mind. Gary Lamb and Mark Driscoll are at the top of my ipod list every monday morning.

those two really know how to lay the smack down.

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