Saturday, January 26, 2008

If at first you don't succeed....

I don't do much ranting, but I do enjoy the occasional rant from others. This one is from Todd at MMI:

Pastor Resigns Amid Allegations

The subtitle of this newspaper story tells it all: “The man who led Shiloh for 14 years was also accused at his last church”. Why, oh why, does this happen over and over in churches all across the country? Why, if a man, who also calls himself a pastor, is accused of sexual misconduct and the evidence is strong, is he allowed to lead another church in another part of the country? Who would hire him, and why? In my past work with, I know that there are literally hundreds of pastors applying for some of the same jobs at any given time. Why would (if you were looking for a pastor) you give a pastor accused of sexual sin a shot at being your pastor? I’m convinced that many churches are unaware of the pastoral candidate’s past (either because of clever hiding of the candidate, the turning of the backs of denominational leaders, or the laziness of not running a background check). But some hire these guys willingly, and then are surprised when the behavior returns. I don’t get it. End of rant.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is the difference between "accused with strong evidence" and "just plain guilty"?

revolutionareze said...

The problem with this phenomenon is the fact that the people we have in the churches today that are making the decisions are just as bad as the sex fiend pastors. We need to start evaluating both the senior members of our churches who make the decisions and then make sure that the candidates we have lined up for the positions of pastor are truly the men of God that will lead our people.

Rich said...

our church hired a music pastor a few years back who sexually molested kids at his previous church (and continued at ours, but he's behind bars now, the wanker) after a thorough background check and everything in between. He just happened to slip from state to state without being caught. it was a tragedy.
A pastor who hires a guy like this and KNOWS about it before hand should go to jail with the pervert. But in the case of our church the media attacked our senior pastor for bringing the music pastor on board when the senior pastor had no clue (nor did any of us) about the past. It wasn't fair to our senior pastor and his family.

the8thperson said...

Amen Revolutionareze.

This is a sad witness for the church. The world looks on and says, "See... they are no better than the rest of the world."

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