Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ninja Warrior vs. American Gladiator

While in Michigan last month, we were introduced to the show, Ninja Warrior. (Funny, because we were introduced to Man vs. Wild when we visited Michigan last summer.) Ninja Warrior is the bomb. It is a little like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC), but the athletic level of the challenges on Ninja Warrior is simply unbelievable - you have to see it to believe it. 100 contestants begin the obstacle courses on Ninja Warrior and by the end, only one person - if they're lucky - will be left to tackle the final challenge.

Here is the bad news. Ninja Warrior is hosted by the Gaming Channel, G4. I have Basic Cable and I do not get that channel. I was really bummed. If you have G4, you should feel lucky because that means that you can watch Ninja Warrior.

But I have found a solution. Ninja Warrior actually podcasts the video for their show. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Which brings me to American Gladiator - what a humongous waste of time. Sure, you get to see the Hulkster, but really, compared to Ninja Warrior, American Gladiator really is a joke.

Here's the really interesting thing about Ninja Warrior. During almost every other show on television - Nascar (bring on the crashes), MXC (bring on the crashes), just about every reality show - I find myself rooting for someone to fail, fall apart, crash, or otherwise make a fool of themselves. But not during Ninja Warrior. While watching this show, I find myself rooting for someone, anyone to actually make it through the course successfully. Mainly this is because, almost everyone on this show fails and you find yourself pining to see that one person who will overcome the harsh obstacles of the courses.

In conclusion: American Gladiator - dumb. Ninja Warrior - the bomb.


Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure how the heck I stumbled across your blog, but I wanted to just take a moment to say...dude, next time you're in Miami, let's grab a beer. I agree with your statement that the beer selection in Florida sucks (I spent three years in Athens, GA and got spoiled BIG time) - but there's a microbrewery here on the edge of the campus of UM that's...not TOO bad.

I also agree with most of what you've written about church, Christiantity, faith...the whole shebang. I also regularly attend Mosaic Church here in Miami - so I was pleasantly surprised by your writeup about the place. You summed up pretty much everything that drew me to the church in the first place.

So - I just wanted to pass along a note of thanks...mostly, for making me feel good in that I believe I've found a kindred spirit on-line - and not too far up the road.

Anonymous said...

couldent agree more to the ninja warrior post..happen to be watching as i type this..i have G4 :) stumbled on your page wile checking to see if enyone has try'd and or built a ninja W. course here in the US got nothing on google hope someone does lol id love to try it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said about Ninja Warrior. My wife and I started watching Gladiators and never missed an ep. But, one night I was trying to figure out what all those extra channels were for. I just happened to land on G4 while one of those Jap shows were on. I love MXC on Spike.

When I finally got the chance to see Ninja Warrior, I was shocked. It actually makes me wish I could do it!! I would love to get pass the Jumping Spider!!

Those japs love to have fun and I seriously doubt there would be a course like that here. The reason is because America ruins everything. The Gladiator show is all about marketing and all the people on there are totally pretentious. Its really a shame.

Anyway, the ninja master(cant remember the name) that tackled all four courses is one bad ass dude. He takes his time but has no problem. Japanese television is the most exciting to watch without a doubt.

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