Monday, December 3, 2007

Experience a Church Service on the Internet

We have taken a two-week hiatus from church field tripping. This is simply poor timing considering the bevy of new readers that have come to this site because of the Sun-Sentinel article. This weekend, we will be back out on the road again. With that in mind, I thought I would give you the next best thing - the ability to take your own church field trip.

There are a handful of churches that show their entire service on the internet. I find this to be useful for two groups of people.

1. Those who are obligated to attend their own church and never get to experience other churches.

2. Those who have no interest in actually going to church, but are curious to see what it would be like.

Here are some churches which offer this opportunity to take a look inside:

Newspring Church - Anderson, SC - Edmond, OK (streams live only)

Granger Community Church - Granger, IN

Flamingo Road Church - Cooper City, FL (streams live only)

Vineyard Community Church - Cincinnati, OH

The People's Church - Franklin, TN

(Thanks to Jeff, for a couple of these.)

If you know of any more churches that provide video of their ENTIRE service, let me know. I'd love to watch them.


michelle said...

calvary chapel ft lauderdale

mike said...

Highpoint Community Church in Port St. Lucie, FL at

Tom said...

3. People who can't attend because of a sick child.

4. Members of these churches who may be traveling but want the experience of their own church.

Anonymous said...

'Church of the Highlands' in Birmingham, Alabama. They provide video of their entire service!

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