Monday, December 31, 2007

Living in Paradise

Detroit - 30 degrees

Ft. Lauderdale - 80 degrees

It really isn't so much the temperature difference, but the absence of the sun. Not seeing the sun for 7 days affects a person psychologically. Not to mention not seeing the Sun for months at a time. Shoot, when we visited Michigan in May and June of this year we barely saw the sun, so it isn't just in the winter.

Getting off of that plane in Ft. Lauderdale and being greeted by palm trees, billowy clouds, blue skies, and the sunlight reminds me of why we moved down here in the first place.

1 Comment:

Mayoliv said...

Great Pic! I agree that no matter where you go it feels great flying into Ft Lauderdale on a bright sunny day. Glad your home buddy.

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