Saturday, November 17, 2007

Florida Baptists - "Jesus is a recreational drug user"

This week, the Florida Baptist Convention approved a bylaw amendment agreeing to "abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages and using any other recreational drugs." (I wonder how many of those old geezers get by on a daily cocktail of caffeine and pharmaceutical drugs.)

This is just another account of Baptists further distancing themselves from Jesus by holding to tradition. The executive director of the FBC said that he was embarrassed that any discussion was even necessary when clarifying the issue of alcohol use.


Anonymous said...

God forbid we actually discuss something before coming to a conclusion. For that matter, why bother coming to a conclusion at all?

Jason said...

Read Conversion to Christ Over a Glass of Wine at my blog This is a story by a Southern Baptist Pastor who had the guts to stand-up to his Southern Baptist Convention on this subject. Click on the link at the will take you to his blog. He is an interesting person.

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