Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving:How Each of Us Can Change the World

I wouldn't normally bother to read a book by a president, but President Bill Clinton's book Giving, caught my eye on the bookshelf. I liked the title. I was well pleased with this book. It doesn't serve as motivation or inspiration so much as it serves as an excellent resource for giving. Here is the way President Clinton breaks it down (I've included a small handful of the websites that he endorses as well):

Giving Money

Giving Time

Giving Things

Giving Skills

For each area, he tells an inspirational story of someone who stepped out of their comfort zone and took risks in order to help their fellow man. He also goes into great detail listing and describing those organizations that are trustworthy and successful in each area. Even if you did not care to read this book, you could still use his website for the resources on giving.

His conclusion towards the end of the book:

"Why don't people give? I think the reasons are simple.
  • They don't believe what they could do would make a difference, either because their resources are limited or they're convinced efforts to change other people's lives and conditions are futile.
  • They don't feel morally obligated to give.

  • No one has ever asked them to give.
  • They believe that they'll enjoy life more if they keep their money and time for themselves and their families."


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Chris Goeppner said...

slick willie might be the most likeable president since, kennedy, maybe reagan. anyway, looks like an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about picking this book up from time to time when I see it on the bookstore shelf.

I've also considered reading his autobiography, but have you seen the size of that thing??



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