Friday, November 9, 2007

Poll: Southern Baptists Should Not Drink Alcohol

A recent poll by Lifeway Research shows that:

  • 77% of Southern Baptist pastors believe that "Christians should not drink alcohol"

  • 98% of Southern Baptist pastors believe that "drinking alcohol in a public setting can cause others to stumble"

  • 75% of Southern Baptist pastors agreed that "when a Christian does not drink alcohol, this makes non-believers who see this more interested in Jesus Christ"

  • 3% of Southern Baptist pastors admit to drinking alcohol

As a former Southern Baptist pastor, I would have been a part of that 3% that believe that honesty is more important than image.


Mask of Counterfiet said...

Which is worse:

Supposedly causing someone to stumble by drinking openly


Having someone find out that you are a hypocrite by drinking in secret

If only Jesus were here to tell us what he would do.

Rich said...

not only is honesty more important than image, so is being true to biblical teaching and being authentic

michelle said...

i honestly don't think there is anything wrong with drinking... i would say it would be wrong to drink in front of someone you know has a drinking problem, that could lead to his stumbling... people are way too stuck in legalism... by living by the law, devoted to the law, aren't we crucifying Christ over and over?

Ryan M. Powell said...

I enjoyed drinking a beer with you.

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