Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gary Lamb; Revolution Church; Canton, Ga; and the Easter Egg Drop

Gary Lamb is one of my favorite preachers to listen to. He is the pastor of Revolution Church in Canton, GA. Last Saturday, they held an Easter Egg Drop for the community. They had a helicopter fly over a public park and drop 50,000 plastic eggs filled with candy for the children and parents below. A few of those eggs were filled with a certificate for free Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii, a Ps3, etc. Just to be clear that it wasn't just candy involved in the event.

As a church hosting this event, they were expecting between 3 and 4 thousand people to show up for the Egg Drop. The population in Canton, Ga is approx. 18,000 people. It should also be noted that Revolution Church is only a few years old and their weekend attendance is less than 1000 people.

Police estimate that more than 17,000 people showed up for the Egg Drop and the logistical nightmare that followed.

Do the math.


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