Friday, March 7, 2008

Gospel - Jesus Died for my Sins or Something else entirely?

Only we could confuse something so simple. Only we could read the story of Genesis and the Exodus and not understand the part that Jesus plays in that story. Only we could make it about us, rather than about God. Only we could downplay it, twist it, distort it, forget it, and otherwise negate it altogether - The Gospel.

Here goes: Jesus died as payment for our sins. Placing our faith and trust in Jesus and His act of substitutionary atonement alone makes us right with God. What actions may follow are exactly that: actions that follow. What additions we may choose to make to that simple equation are simply that: additions.

Any other way you'd like to confuse something that is so simple a child is supposed to understand it?

I'm sure there is. Too bad. The Gospel really isn't that hard to grasp. Or accept for that matter.

This will be the last of my posts on the topic of Beliefs and Practices. If you missed any, simply click on the link to the left that reads: Beliefs and Practices.


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