Thursday, May 24, 2007

aimless movie

i've picked up my share of hitchhikers over the years (don't tell my grandma or my wife), but never quite as interesting as ryan. i drove him across alligator alley and then we had a beer at ye olde falcon pub. he is shooting a documentary as he travels around the country "aimlessly". in his defense, ryan was not hitchhiking, but merely standing at the side of the road with a backpack, i took the hint.

despite my being a pastor, i neglected to "Jesus" him, as he calls it when someone attempts to evangelize him. rather i just took the opportunity to do a favor, get to know someone, and also glean whatever information i may from someone who is learning much more about our culture in a very different way than most of us.

ryan is a true student of culture, who understands the difficulty in "intruding into the lives of others." he also sees the double-sided nature of asking people for help, as he is able to "give something back" simply through the experience itself.

good luck on your travels, ryan.

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docrivs said...

Lew, I really like what you wrote about my friend, Ryan. I hadn't thought about it in these terms, but he really is a practicing anthropologist right now, without the academic training, I suppose. I wish that he was able to post photos, video, and longer posts, but I think he's managed to do what he can with what he has. Visit my blog, when you have a chance and drop me a line. My email address is in there.

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