Monday, May 14, 2007


i'm going back home to michigan this week to officiate my brother-in-law's wedding.
some have said that i have a stomach-worldview, so here's my view of michigan.

it'll be somewhat cool: i can wear pants and sweaters. something i don't get to do often in south florida.

pizza king pizza rolls - pizza king is one the dirtiest establishments ever, i don't think they've cleaned it since 1984, when the tigers won the world series.

magic wok - fast food chinese at its finest

olga's kitchen- a shopping mall staple, but only in michigan. don't know why.

white castle - yes, you heard it right. white castle sliders

buffalo wild wings (bw3) - best wings ever. and they actually clean their stores.

beer selection - yes, people in michigan actually appreciate a decent beer selection. case in point: samuel adams. in a south florida store, you may have a choice between 3 different variations of sam adams. in michigan, you'll have upwards of 12 choices. sam adams actually manufactures almost 20 variations. guess i'll have to go to boston one of these days.

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David Drake said...

Wow I did not realize that Bw's was a Michigan thing...isn't funny how we take out chicken for granted...sad.

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