Monday, May 21, 2007

Jerry Falwell....

it wasn't too long ago that i stood on the other side of the fence from the "christian culture" that was created by people like Falwell. When i stood on that side of the fence and peered over, I'd see his comments about Teletubbies, gays, AIDS, as well as the Southern Baptists' comments about gays, Disney, and alcohol. When i stood on that side of the fence i didn't care too much for those comments.

Now I've been on the other side of the fence for some time (inside the "christian culture bubble"), and i find that i am still not too fond of those comments or what they do for the people still standing on the other side of the fence peering over.

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unkle e said...

There's more than one fence, unfortunately.

It seems to me that there are layers within layers in christian culture. As an Aussie christian with more than a dash of cynicism (born of my misplaced optimism!), I think there is so much that is cultural and not from Jesus in all of us.

No-one can judge like God can, and I speak as an outsider, but it seems to me that US christianity has more non-Jesus than most - probably because it is a dominant culture and can easily get arrogant or uncaring because of its powerful position (in a worldly sense) - never a safe place for a christian to be.

If we can't have Jesus' love for gays, alcoholics, the rich, film stars, porn stars, our next-door neighbours, Muslims, and our families, even though we may disagree with things they do, then we're not really following Jesus at that point.

Easy for me to say, hard for me to do, just like the rest of us. But let's name such unloving behaviour for what it is.

Best wishes

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