Sunday, May 13, 2007

rock stars on God

just finished "rock stars on God" by doug van pelt. the book was referenced during my reading of "body piercing saved my life". "rock stars" was a good case study in evangelism. it was great to watch various rock stars duck, dodge, refute, and tackle spiritual questions, many exclaiming "i've never been asked questions like these before!" most stars were expecting a fight/argument, or at least proselytizing but were disarmed by the interviewer's ability to simply ask an open-ended question and then sit back and listen.

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Sgt. MadDawg said...

I like the blog so far. It's... interesting. =)

FYI, Doug Van Pelt is the editor/publisher for "HM", a Christian hard music magazine I used to get. Each month he does an interview with secular bands. I think that book is kind of a compliation of those interviews. Pretty cool...

-Sgt. MadDawg (aka Mark)

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