Thursday, September 13, 2007

Exodus 30 - 32

At our last Dinner & Discussion, we covered Exodus 30 -32. Specifically, we talked about the remaining building plans for the tabernacle - including the incense, anointing oil, washbasin, and the atonement ransom for each man. We read about the craftsmen who were to build everything, as well as some additional rules about the Sabbath - indicating it as a permanent sign even though Paul later nixed it.

We read the humorous story of the Golden Calf. This story could make a script for the television shows "Three's Company" and "Gilligan's Island". Everyone was trying to throw everyone else under the bus, including God himself. One of our group noticed the invention of Goldschlager in 32:20, nice one. We also discussed the unique relationship that Moses had with God. Listening in on their conversations is quite an eye-opener. We barely made it into the beginning of chapter 33, so we'll probably resume our study with the beginning of that chapter on Sept. 16 at 6 pm.


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