Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The God Delusion Part 3

Finally, I want to tell you why I really liked this book, and Dawkins as well. Dawkins may spend time flirting with the outskirts of religious belief, but eventually, he makes to the very core of its being. I've said before, that I appreciate that Dawkins went right for the throat when he attacked Yahweh himself. That makes it a man v. God battle and leaves me out of it.

Elsewhere in the book, Dawkins gets right to the heart of the matter and attacks the idea of faith itself. Faith can easily be explained by simply looking to Hebrews 11, "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see". By that definition, which Dawkins would surely agree with, he would call any person who has faith a total idiot. This is why I like Dawkins. Usually, we agree on the facts. The difference involves our response to those facts.

  • Fact: The world is wonderfully complex and creative: Dawkins' response - There is no god. My response - God is awesome.

  • Fact: The Bible was written by approximately 40 men over the course of 1500 years: Dawkins' response - a vast error-filled conspiracy to control people's minds and lives. My response - sorry, but I don't buy into vast conspiracy theories that involve 40 people and span 1500 years. You would require less imagination in just believing that God inspired it all.

  • Fact: Faith is assurance of what we hope for and certainty of what we don't see: Dawkins' response - faith is a delusional act of idiocy, ignorant of reality. My response - I am blissfully ignorant of Dawkins' reality and I will most happily live in God's reality. He's bigger and way cooler.

We all have pretty much the same stuff placed before us, it is just a question of how we respond to it. I believe that those who truly seek after God will find Him. I think I read that somewhere.


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