Sunday, September 23, 2007

Four Recent Interviews on the Emerging Church

In reference to my recent review of the book Truth War, here are a few articles that were published this month.

Here's the John MacArthur interview in Answers Magazine.

Here's the Mark Driscoll interview in Christianity Today.

The Rob Bell Interview by Wittenburg Door.

The Brian McLaren interview by Wittenburg Door.

Good luck making sense of McLaren. Most of what comes out of his mouth is complete nonsense.

I love that Mark Driscoll takes criticism like it is a compliment. I can appreciate that. When someone tells me that I'm "flippant", it simply means that I am not a "people-pleaser."

Todd Rhoades, over at Monday Morning Insight, compared John MacArthur to the Soup Nazi. I think that that comparison is simply brilliant. He loves the soup (scripture). He is a master of making soup (exegeting scripture). But he has no love for people.

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Ben said...

Frankly, MacLaren and Pagitt both make my head hurt. Every time they are asked a question, the answer is like thick smoke. I'm always left wondering if they really understood the question at all or just didn't have an answer and were just blowing wind up the interviewer's skirt.

Good article on Driscoll. I especially liked the story about the pastor looking for help with his church and Driscoll sets him straight and sends him out on the town with his wife. Very cool.

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