Monday, September 17, 2007

The God Delusion Part 2

The author of this book spends plenty of time picking at various targets that make up the whole of religious belief. He definitely enjoys picking apart the faulty doctrine of the Catholic Church, but that really isn't much of a challenge.

One particular argument that Dawkins kept pushing was the horror of childhood indoctrination into religious belief. In his view, if we simply stopped this form of psychological child abuse, religion would eventually slink off into nonexistence. I have a problem with this argument. It leaves no room for adult conversion, which I'm sure he would simply classify as another infringement upon the rights of humanity. In all, I find that his "child indoctrination" argument holds little water. Once again, I think he relies too heavily on his experience with the Catholic Church and its methods of propagating religion.

Also, too often Dawkins comes off as simply elitist. Not all of us received the fine upbringing that he had that brought with it a fine education as well. He believes, that through his disbelief, he has attained a higher level of consciousness - he has reached the next evolutionary step on the ladder. As far as he is concerned, anyone who is stupid enough to believe in God might as well be snorting crystal meth, beating his wife, and running around naked on the show Cops. I realize, too well, that the religious types can easily project the same elitism from their camp. But I am not willing to accept this "I've figured it out" attitude from either side. It's like a game of Na-Na-Na-Na Boo-Boo on the preschool playground.

Stay Tuned for the finale....

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