Saturday, September 22, 2007

Satan's Sex Ed.

Here are two of the videos shown during the Satan's Sex Ed Series at I can imagine that there are a lot of churches where this just would not fly at all.

These are really funny.


Revolutionite said...

Those actually are very funny. Something I’m curious about though…is “Satan” giving the answer that would be the opposite of what a Christian would give? If so, does this mean that Christians are anti oral sex and masturbation? If so, I’m a bad Christian. Seriously, I’m asking this in all seriousness. Do Christians really think oral sex is bad or only that all sex is bad outside of marriage?

Ben said...

Very funny stuff. It's nice to see some creativity in the church that doesn't just mimic something in the world and make it cheesy. Very original and funny.

I don't see any Scriptural prohibition of any sex act so long as it is within the context of heterosexual marriage, is consensual, and is not degrading or demeaning to either the man or woman.

Anonymous said...

this is inappropriate for church. that kind of language is not necessary.

revolution said...

I'd say that the "oral sex" refers to the documented popular notion among young people that "oral sex" does not count as sex, morally.

And I'd say that the "masturbation" refers to the popularity of the practice among males, especially when used alongside porn.

I think it would a correct and clear statement to say that "any sexual act outside of the marriage of a man and a woman" is not looked favorably upon by God.

I heard a comment a couple months ago that went something like this: "if it weren't for masturbation, many women would never have an orgasm."

My reply would be, "maybe those women need to teach their husbands how to better use the tools that are at their disposal."

How's that for language?

Brenton Balvin said...

Thanks for adding to the conversation on my blog.

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