Tuesday, October 16, 2007

State of the Pulpit - Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen

Mark Driscoll is on a roll lately. At the Convergent Conference last month, he pretty much "called out" Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Doug Pagitt on their faulty theology.

Last week, at his own church, he treated the congregation to 3.5 minutes of Joel Osteen, and then spent 5 minutes critiquing the clip.


the8thperson said...

Great video bro. Thought he was a little light on J.O., but good delivery. Love how he founded his message on Jesus Christ. Hope that he will do that for all of his messages.

LEG said...

Driscoll should take a cue from Billy Graham and "just love a brotha".

Its dangerous territory when you start criticizing the brothers in a public format.

Anonymous said...

agreed. this video disturbs me, even though the argument is sound.

Ben said...

I say go for it, Driscoll. It's not just Osteen. It's Osteen and all that fall in behind him preaching this same false message. Driscoll didn't call his character into question or say he was in sin. He simply challenged his message.

I don't see the problem.

Chris said...

I agree with Ben,
Satan will use ministers of light to preach a false gospel.

Olsteen didn't bring J.O.'s character into question... just his message.

I think it's dangerous territory when you don't criticize a false prophet in public.

Chris said...

meant to say...
"marc didn't bring J.O.'s character into question... just his message."

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