Monday, October 8, 2007

Church Field Trip Evolution

I had a certain purpose and vision in mind when I began the Church Field Trips. That purpose and vision is in the process of evolving due to outside influence.

  • There seems to be genuine interest in hearing about these "Church Worship Experiences". Let's face it, half of us already attend a church regularly and don't get much opportunity to experience other churches. And the other half of us don't want to go to church at all, period. (I will say that if you find yourself in this second group, you could check out the "Internet campuses" for Flamingo Road Church, and for at least a visual experience, albeit somewhat removed.)

  • Some people have requested that we visit "churches" that are not Jesus-centered and Bible-based. I.E., Hindu, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Universalist, etc. I will admit that the jury is still out on that one, and I'd appreciate input.

  • I've had requests from as far away as 80 miles from churches that would like us to visit their church and give a report on the experience.


Revolutionite said...

Evolving into?

revolution said...

Going to a non-Christian church or to a church outside our immediate area was not a part of my original purpose.

My original purpose has almost been fulfilled concerning the field trips.

Rev'Onite said...

ahh. i thought you were leaning towards something, going on the road, becoming a full time blogger and church reviewer :)

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