Monday, October 29, 2007

No Good Reason To Go To Church

Shaun Groves wrote an article called, No Good Reason to Go to Church. It was thought-provoking, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Would this be the appropriate time to mention that we don't go to church, haven't for at least the past eight months and have no intention to go with any regularity anytime soon?


Rev'onite said...

The article was more than thought provoking-- it was the truth. Just today I was pondering this, wondering why on earth an unbeliever would go to church. There is no reason. None.
In a previous post you mentioned that pastors don't address the "un-churched." By unchurched, I'm assuming you mean unbelievers? Why address them when they aren't there and have no real reason to be? Seriously. I’m a believer and I’m sick of the whole weird presentation.

revolution said...

Because they (pastors) "claim" to be trying to reach the unchurched, though their actions do not match their claims.

You and I have experienced this firsthand.

I am merely calling their bluff.

BTW, "thought-provoking" was simply my own way of remaining neutral. He definintely struck a chord within me as well.

Ryan C said...

That article reminded me a lot of why I like Epic.

interesting read.

michelle said...

did you see yesterday's blog entitled "Nog Good Reason not to Go to Church?

Rez said...

I've thought that Shaun Groves is one of the great thinkers of our generation for some time now...

Ben said...

Certainly thought provoking. And it demonstrates a shift in thinking in our culture.

I get the house church thing, but in my experience it is plagued with two HUGE problems: 1)tends to be a reaction against the institutional church and therefore founded on hurt feelings and unforgiveness (and like David in Adullam's Cave in I Sam 22). For sure this isn't always the case, but most often it is. And 2)it by definition caps growth and outreach. What happens when you outgrow your living room? Divide up into smaller groups in several houses? Who decides who goes to which group? Will you ever meet together again in one place? And on and on...

If you are really "living sent" then you will grow. Once you outgrow your "house church" ecclesiology you will have a problem. In reality, most house churches DON'T outgrow their ecclesiology because they simply don't want to. I'm not sure Jesus would be any more pleased with that than He is with the other problems the article mentioned.

I'm not defending the state of the "institutional church" by any means. I just don't think kicking it to the curb is a smart solution.

Don't abandon your churches. Reform them.

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