Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bible Fight

Credit for this one goes to Shane. As a matter of fact, I can't word it any better than he did:
"There will be exactly one-half of you that will thank me for passing along this little nugget. And then there’s exactly one-half of you that will probably hate me for it.
What can I say… I walk the line.

Here is the link to the game, Bible Fight.


Chris said...

Didn't load properly. Didn't like the title of the game. No such thing as walking the line.

jedi said...

the special moves are sweet!

Bryon Mondok said...

california is where i make my new home. i lived in so fla for many years until recently...

thanks for poking around on my blog. i'm digging the content on yours along with your remarks on the 8th person blog. seems like you like to have fun...

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