Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No Good Reason to Get Married

We were having a good conversation with some cohabiting single friends of ours recently, and it reminded me of this video. As usual, any video from is fun and entertaining.

Why should you bother to get married, anyways?


michelle said...

i'd like to see what the rest of that message was about...

Ryan-C said...

Awesome video.

good laugh.

reojames said...

Thats my PASTOR! It was a great sermon.
Anyway, I was just stopping by to thank you for commenting on my 'Jesus Cracks Me Up' post.

Chris said...


Ryan M. Powell said...

I'm not sure I get the message of the video. I think it's suggesting that instead of living together before marriage (or as an alternative to marriage), couples should get married only because the formality of marriage creates the appearance of a more respectable, moral standing. It seems to suggest that every unmarried, cohabitating couple is some kind of abomination.

I see nothing wrong with cohabitation as an alternative to marriage. The act of participating in a legal wedding ceremony does not make any particular couple's mutual love for each other more legitimate than any other couple's mutual love for each other.

Love is what it is. Love does not require legal approval or mystical approval or legal/mystical confirmation to make it real or honest or good.

The video's bedroom vows reflect what I recognize as the current state of legal marriage.


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