Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Discipleship - 'Feed me, Feed me' or Feed Someone Else?

How tired I get of hearing people say, "I'm not being fed, spiritually." I do believe that this absence of discipleship is an epidemic in today's church. And I do not blame the church. And I do not blame the lead pastors of those churches.

What happened to one person teaching 12 other people everything they know about everything?

What happened to one person seeking out someone who might be willing to teach them everything they know about everything?

We got lazy. We became an army of infants, crying for our milk. "Feed me, feed me." Whine. Cry. Complain. Grumble. Gossip. Leave. Only to find another nursery with big fat bottles from which we might suck.


revolutionareze said...

Feeding on or just sucking from?
That is the question that should be really concentrated on. The people of a church should definitely be fed by the church and the pastor to a certain extent. But in the same, the church goer should not just be relying on this small amount of feeding. If we all went a diet of eating one time a week, first we would not be an obese society and second we would all starve at some point. So just as we feed ourselves on a daily basis for nutrition we should also look to feeding our spirit each day with some sort of nutrition.

We need to teach people not to have a dependence on the church and start searching out for themselves the things that they need. Discipleship should be a part of the church where the "elders" ( and I use that term lightly) should always be ready, willing and able to begin a discipleship relation with one of the not so wise or young of the church.

ded said...

the church system fosters immaturity in people

the culture of materialism seduces people to focus on their image of self

the heart grows cold and the fruit is as you describe

so it is

grow before the Lord and teach twelve others likewise

you will see change

revolution said...

"the people of the church should be fed by the church"

I think that I'd disagree a bit with that statement because I think that the people OF the church ARE the church.

Anonymous said...

I agree, laziness is a poison.

Bro, i heard you came to my church last week! you gotta let me know when you're coming down to my part of town. so we can actually meet and talk in person!hahaha

how did you like the service?

revolutionareze said...

So then the CHURCH should be fed by the leader of the CHURCH as well as the other members of the CHURCH.

We all have a duty to not only feed the desire for more of what God has to offer. But we should also have a desire to share with others the lessons learned by our own personal experiences. So discipleship should be an integral part of the churches activities.

But for those who complain that they are not being fed by their visits to a building with a cross in it, with people gathering and someone talking at you on a weekly basis should look at some other ways in which they can get the feedings they so desire.

Complaining is laziness at its finest and will only leading to more complaining.

revolution said...

worshipping around the tables worked better than i thought it would. we had a good time. i was only disappointed that more of our crew couldn't make it out that night. we'll come see you on a monday night one of these weeks.

the idea of discipleship comes with its own built in limitations. jesus had 70 broad disciples, 12 intentional disciples, and 3 intimate disciples. how many can and should a pastor of a modern church be expected to shoulder?

revolutionareze said...

He shoulders hearding the flock if you think of it in terms of the shepard analogy and the shepards responsibility is for the entire flock. Now would I say that the pastors responsibility goes down to every need, no. There are definitely needs for supporting staff especially when you get into sizable churches. Although I have never seen a shepard with thousands of sheep. With this statement though, there lies the problem with churches that grow to thousands of people because the shepard can not possibly be able to effectively shepard his flock.

Just an argument for the community style church over the mega church. A tighter group of people can definitely fulfill the needs of all in the group.

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