Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Social Involvement - Taking care of our own or Taking care of others?

Discovering the needs of the culture often requires one to first step into the culture, get to know it, learn to love it, and finally be able to respond to its needs. Listen, the culture is a not a collection of t.v. shows, music, and movies. The culture is made up of the people that are surrounding you on a daily basis, particularly your neighbors and coworkers.

And let's not forget the marginalized. The Bible constantly harps on the plight of the "poor, the widows, and the orphans". We cannot ignore this and we cannot simply use the excuse, "Well, I just don't know anyone who is poor, widowed, or orphaned." This is obviously missing the point. Or at least, you'd think it was obvious.

If you find that your finances and your time are consumed with self-preservation, it is a common problem, but a problem that must be dealt with nonetheless. This principle applies both to individual Christians and corporate churches as well.


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