Sunday, February 17, 2008

Truth - Absolute or Relative?

It's not that absolute truth isn't to be had, it's that no one would believe you if you had it, so why bother beating them over the head with it? The "certainty" of my faith is meant for my own "assurance", not for clobbering other people into submission. I do believe in absolute truth, but it does little good in our culture to wave it around as a banner of self-righteousness. Rather than pursue a "You're wrong, I'm right" attitude, I find it more appropriate to adopt a "watch how I am living my life for Christ" attitude.

I'm always amused at how some "intelligent/educated" circles will discuss, ad nauseum, the distinctives of post-modernism. But what I find in my daily life is that most postmodern people don't know that they are exactly that. Their own ignorance of such a philosophy almost makes our constant discussion moot. Almost. I also find that most people who are agnostic also do not know that their belief system actually bears such a name. That is, until I give it a name. So why are we spending so much time discussing philosophical and religious ideas that the general public is totally ignorant about? To goad our own egos? Can we really say that we are trying to "reach people" by discussing concepts they know nothing about?

So is truth absolute or relative? I know that my neighbor could really care less. So whenever I go over to hang out with him, I might as well leave that one at home.

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michelle said...

well i definitely agree with you on this point... i believe in absolute truth, but i'm not going to debate about it... it's a waste of time... people need to hear the Gospel, not what i think about postmodernism or any other ism for that matter...

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