Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jack Johnson

My good friend Bethany turned me on to Jack Johnson about two years ago as I was helping her and Matt pack up for their move to North Carolina. I recognized many of Johnson's songs even though I had never actually heard his name before.

I've since become thoroughly addicted to Jack Johnson - I've got just about everything he's done. My wife's complaint is a valid one: "Most of his songs sound the same". True. But it is his upbeat nature that I enjoy most. I like Santana and Marley, but it is the upbeat, yet somehow still mellow sound of Johnson that has enthralled me for these past two years.

In my old age, the musical releases that actually hold some interest for me are becoming fewer and fewer. So I relish the release of an album that I might actually enjoy for more than a cursory listen.

Without further ado, I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Johnson, a surfer from Hawaii, has released his latest effort this week: Sleep Through the Static.

I'm enjoying it.


Natty Bummpo said...

i <3 jack johnson!!! if you like him you might like matt costa.

revolution said...

never heard of matt costa. i'll check him out.

ShaneBertou said...

I really enjoy the friendship/collaboration of Jack Johnson, G Love and Ben Harper. They're like the "holy trinity" of super-cool, laid-back, good-times-with-good-people style of music.

vwlaura120 said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I just wanted to say, I have been listening to Jack for about 5 years now, haven't been to a concert yet (wish he'd come warm up my cold New York area!) but what an amazing musician.

I hear where your wife is coming from, my friends have picked on me for years over the fact that he is the king of a single key, but I think its that simplicity that makes it good! (and I'm a music teacher!)

Besides Matt Costa (who is GREAT!) check out Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) which is Zach Gil's Band (he's the guy who plays accordian for Jack) and Money Mark (a producer turned artist). Also, pick up the live DVD that Jack has out--AWESOME!

Tony said...


I just picked up this disc on a random St. Arbucks stop in Orlando. I heart that song as well.

In addition to the alternate artists posted above, Donovan Frankenreiter is the shiz. He used to be on Brushfire records, but wanted to differentiate I guess from Jack. He is great though.

I think what I like about Jack and the rest is that it is just chill music, okay to do pretty much anything to. It really doesn't take a certain 'mood' to get into.

Also..keeping you and yours in my prayers for the job situation.

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