Monday, February 11, 2008

Florida Panther gets throat slashed during game

Anyone else see Florida Panther Rich Zednik get his throat slashed during last night's game in Buffalo? His teammate's skate came up and slit his throat during gameplay. The amount of blood that came shooting out of Zednik's throat was sickening. I'll refrain from posting the video here, but you can Youtube it. Zednik has been listed in stable condition in a Buffalo hospital.

So much for the fighting being the dangerous part of hockey.

In case you didn't notice. This is that time of year when one is forced to switch from watching football to watching hockey. (I can't stand basketball or baseball.) Besides, my Red Wings are womping on just about every other team out there - with a salary cap. I'll start really paying attention when the playoffs start in April.

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ShaneBertou said...

Fights have to be one of the LEAST dangerous parts of hockey. Open ice hits and boarding often make dropping the gloves look like a pillow fight.

I don't know if you saw my post or not. But for some reason this stuff always happens in Buffalo!

Simple solution. Let's invent a light, flexible neck wrap (think sweatband for the throat) that's made of a material like kevlar. The problem here is how easy it is to cut through skin.


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