Friday, August 31, 2007

Exodus 23:20 - 30

During our last Dinner & Discussion, we only actually covered Exodus 23:20 through Exodus 27:21. But in the interest of time and our sanity, we agreed to move through chapters 28, 29, and 30 between meetings, bringing anything of relevance to the table at our next gathering. So at our next Dinner & Discussion, we will pick up in Exodus 31.

Topics discussed last week:

Discussed the "mysterious" angel that bears God's name and has the power to forgive sin. (A Christophany?) 23:20-23

Discussed the idea of fertility as a blessing. 23:26

Discussed whether the hornets of 23:27 & 28 were metaphorical or literal.

Learned that purification by blood enabled the leaders to "meet with God". 24:8

Discussed what the 74 leaders were actually able/allowed to see when they had dinner with God. 24:9-11 (in light of the scriptures in 33:19-23).

We read through all of the building plans for the tabernacle, altar, and ark of the covenant.

Next time, we get to read through the infamous story of the "golden calf", a story which I find quite full of humor.


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