Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How should a pastor view their ministry?

In what ways should a pastor view their ministry?

  • Ministry is your fourth priority after being a Christian, husband, and father.
  • Ministry is your job, not your life.
  • God rewards faithfulness, not just fruitfulness.
  • Your salvation and righteousness are gifts from Jesus and not contingent upon your performance.
  • If you do not Sabbath (rest), God will impose a Sabbath upon you.
  • A series of sprints, with nine natural breaks out of the pulpit, rather than a marathon.
  1. First Sunday of the Year (January)
  2. Daylight Savings Day (March)
  3. Mother's Day (May)
  4. Memorial Day (May)
  5. Father's Day (June)
  6. Fourth of July (July)
  7. Labor Day Weekend (September)
  8. Thanksgiving (November)
  9. Week after Christmas (December)
  • Jesus is the Senior Pastor and the church is His
This was posted on Mark Driscoll's blog recently as part of a series called, "Death by Ministry", where he advises pastors on how to keep ministry from killing them and their families. To some pastors, much of this list would seem downright blasphemous to their way of thinking.


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